Monday 06 Jan 2020

China helping Industrialisation of Africa

Amid Africa’s growing quest to boost the manufacturing sector, experts from the continent and beyond have commended Chinese engagement in giving Africa a helping hand. Speaking on Wednesday,
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Monday 06 Jan 2020

The African Continental Free Trade Area and the politics of industrialisation

November 20 is Africa industrialisation day. To ma

Monday 06 Jan 2020

Africa’s Industrial Week Kicks Off In Ethiopia’s Capital

(ADDIS ABABA) – The Africa Industrial Week h

Monday 06 Jan 2020

OPINION: Africa Industrialisation Week 2019: Challenges in Tanzania

November 20, 2019 marked the Africa Industrialisat

Monday 06 Jan 2020

A week dedicated to Africa’s industrialisation

The AFCFTA project has been working closely with W

Monday 06 Jan 2020

Africa is poised for major economic growth — if it can streamline its industrialisation

Most of Africa’s exports in global value cha

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